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Risk Manager

Job Description

As a Risk Manager, you are responsible for the risk relating to corporate activities. These can include finance, control, product development, quality management or organizational and corporate development.

Job Requirements

Identify weaknesses that could damage a company or organization from a financial, operational or security perspective, prevent them and resolve them. They are responsible for developing strategies, processes, and systems for risk management.
The exact focus of a risk manager’s activities depends primarily on the specific business area: in banks, for example, risk management deals with the assessment of the credit default risk before a credit decision is made.
Even if the interests of the company or the various consulting firms are different, risk management pursues the same goal: keeping losses away from a company.
Analyse the risks associated with major business decisions in advance and thus provide a solid basis for strategic orientation. The analysis relates to various areas, such as market conditions and developments, interest and inflation risks or the expected economic situation – always depending on the respective company.

Essential Personal Skills

Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Time Management

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