About Us


Amuma came about as a personal passion project. Having experienced various struggles as a child, I watched my parents pull our family up, providing us with a home, education and financial stability and for this I am eternally grateful. However I know that I am one of the lucky ones and that there are a great many other people today who either aren’t offered the chances they should be, or are held back because of their background, living conditions, skin colour or religious beliefs.

I established Amuma in 2020 with the aim of supporting members of the underprivileged communities to progress in life. The goal of Amuma is to help you to identify career opportunities, succeed at work and in life and to progress up the career ladder, accumulating the financial wherewithal to achieve your goals and to fulfil your potential.

At Amuma, we have a tried and test formula for identifying potential careers for you based on your age, skills, interests and areas of expertise. It is a quiz based assessment that takes into account what you enjoy and are interested in, rather than simply focussing on the science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM) subjects that are prioritised by the educational authorities. We know that there are a range of jobs that traditional educational routes may not automatically direct you to, and if you don’t know about them how can you possibly explore them?