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HR Director

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As a HR Director, you will occupy an executive position within an organisation. HR Directors plan, set goals for the HR department, lead, direct, and enforce policies regarding recruitment, management, employee relations and more.

Job Requirements

HR directors are ultimately responsible for all Human Resources activities within a business. Often, this will include working across various sites to ensure that all company strategies, policies and procedures are being implemented correctly and effectively, and ensuring that the company is legally compliant with all HR related legislation.
While HR directors will not normally become involved in the daily undertakings of the HR departments, they will usually remain a constant point of contact for HR managers and advisors, and are able to offer the experience, support and advice which may be otherwise missing in the HR department.
The personnel, or human resources, director has overall responsibility for the company's personnel and training strategy. They contribute to overall company strategy and policy-making by advising the board on the human resource implications of its decisions.
If you are fascinated by what makes people tick, have great influencing ability, and work well with people, HR can be a really enjoyable career for you.

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Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Interpersonal skills

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