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Urban Designer

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As an Urban Designer, you will design and shape the physical features of cities, and regional spaces, whilst also looking at the social design and other larger scale issues.

Job Requirements

Urban design deals with the larger scale of groups of buildings, infrastructure, streets, and public spaces, entire neighbourhoods and districts, and entire cities, with the goal of making urban environments that are equitable, beautiful, performative, and sustainable.
Urban design is an interdisciplinary field that utilises the procedures and the elements of architecture and other related professions, including landscape design, urban planning, civil engineering, and municipal engineering.
Urban design demands an understanding of a wide range of subjects from physical geography to social science, and an appreciation for disciplines, such as real estate development, urban economics, political economy, and social theory.
Urban designers work to create inclusive cities that protect the commons, ensure equal access to and distribution of public goods, and meet the needs of all residents, particularly women, people of color, and other marginalized populations.

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Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Interpersonal skills

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