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As a Judge, you will ensure that the trial is fair and make sure that the questioning is appropriate and that all issues are dealt with. Judges are public officials given authority to hear, determine, and preside over legal matters in courts.

Job Requirements

In criminal cases, they will need to familiarise themselves with the indictment containing the charges; witness statements; and applications by the barristers concerning the admissibility of certain evidence in the trial.
During the trial, they will instruct jurors on the law and hear motions by the barristers. Judges have the responsibility to control the way the trial is conducted with relevant law and practice. They must also note the evidence and decide on legal issues such as admissibility.
At the end of the trial, the judge will sum up each of the charges made and remind jurors what the prosecution must prove to make jurors certain of the case. The judge highlights notes made during the trial and reminds them of the key points of each side’s argument. They will then give directions on the jury’s duties before they deliberate.
Many solicitors or barristers apply to become a part-time judge first to gain expertise. Part-time judges have the same responsibilities as those working full-time, but may handle less complicated cases.

Essential Personal Skills

Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Time Management

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