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Eyebrow Technician

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As an Eyebrow Technician, you will specialise in treatments to shape and define the eyebrows through hair depilation and also enhance the appearance of the brows through makeup, tinting and on occasion tattooing.

Job Requirements

Traditionally Western techniques for shaping the eyebrows has focused on waxing and tweezing but there is a fast growing current demand in the UK for brow experts to posses threading skills.
Essentially, threading involves the brow threader using a double stranded piece of cotton thread that is twisted and used rather like a mini lasso to grip either a solitary hair or row of hairs and safely remove from the follicle.
There are different methods such as the horizontal method that simply uses the brow threader’s thumb and forefingers to work the thread but in some countries the Jaw clincher method is practiced where the mouth is also brought into play to create a different angle. Most brow threaders tend to establish post training their own unique and preferred method.
A lot of brow experts will typically be qualified beauty therapists and therefore it’s not unusual for brow experts to carry out other treatments such as eyebrow lamination, eyebrow threading, microblading, semi-permanent brows and plucking.

Essential Personal Skills

Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Interpersonal skills

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£120+ a day


Beauty & Wellbeing

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