Job Profile

Environmental Health Officer

Job Description

As an Environmental Health Officer, you will take the appropriate action in line with the relevant policies, procedures and legislation in relation to appeals, infection, accidents, risk or other circumstances within the general purview of the section. Inspect or visit vehicles. stalls, plant or equipment.

Job Requirements

Identify licensable premises and take all necessary steps to licence the premises within target times, ensure compliance of licencing conditions, and taking the relevant enforcement action.
Carry out the enforcement of legislation and other powers in a timely and efficient manner, as may be required in line with service and statutory legal guidelines.
Prepare and deal with correspondence, licences, briefs and other documents
Liaise with officers within Regulatory Services, council services, outside organisations, companies and individuals in order to deliver an effective Environmental Health Service.

Essential Personal Skills

Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Time Management
Attention to Detail

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