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As a Counsellor, you will work with clients experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their wellbeing. Clients could have issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loss and relationship difficulties that are affecting their ability to manage life.

Job Requirements

Counsellors do not advise their clients, but seek to help them to understand themselves better and find their own ways to cope or to resolve problems. Referral and liaison with other agencies is a feature of the work.
Counsellors listen to, empathise with, encourage and help to empower individuals. The nature of problems encountered varies according to the setting and could include, for example, depression, anxiety, the need to manage harmful emotions and behaviours, or difficulties with coping with traumatic experience and events.
Counsellors may work with clients with mild to moderate mental health problems or drug-related problems, or with people who need support because of genetic disorders or diseases such as cancer.
Counselling typically involves a series of formal sessions at a regular time and place, where the counsellor and the client can talk about the client's issues and feelings.

Essential Personal Skills

Communication skills
Attention to Detail
Time Management
Interpersonal skills

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